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Hello and Welcome to  the Health Clinic- for non steroidal  Psoriasis & Acne  care and  Natural Therapies- Just what you have been looking for !

The real Question is How can I help you ?

 If you want to get well and stay well , be pain free, optimise your health  and have all the hallmarks of wellness like smoother skin naturally, improved energy & vitality , you are in the right place  for a health change here.  This site is quite comprehensive but most  worthy of your viewing time .A brief introduction to the Psoriasis & Acne clinic and Leanne's Natural therapies are on this page For more information on these services please select your link  from the left column.   As I know you are aware unless you live close to Liverpool NSW you might be thinking that this site has nothing to offer . Far from the truth. I have some information and general advise on many health conditions throughout this site and my ebook "Consult Yourself "has been written specifically for you .

The health store has many health e books such as 'lower your cholesterol in 33 days' and "Headache Relief, Stop depression ,The Acne solution and more... 
This website service provides online free videos and pdf's ,all information and prices on services ,additional free information on health topics,links for product ordering, gift certificates ,members site  and   Health  store .Browse the  store, subscribe to the Talking Health newsletter or pick up a gift voucher Health Points members


Keep up to date with site changes on the updates page - for all information on new content  so you don't miss a thing. See below for Xmas suprise ...

About the Healthclinic  Leanne's Natural Therapies

At the Health clinic Leanne Winner (me) provides a variety of treatments and services .The last 17 years of full time clinical experience as a Natural therapist  has led to the development of this site as a reference tool (so that you can get well and stay well) and a number of innovative treatment protocols that have proven to  be very effective .The treatments offered include iris diagnosis, health medicine, health vitamins, therapeutic massage, nutrition, natural therapies,Green Peel, Bioptron light and colour therapy,energy healing, herbs and  hot rocks/stones treatments So many therapies that I can tailor a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

I  have been successful in treating a range of health conditions including  menopause, infertility, psoriasis, acne breakout and back pain. 

I am a stockist of  Jane Iredale all natural mineral makeup, Bioceutical and Metagenic products.

  1. view the Testimonials page to read what results others have had
  2. View book extracts page .Can't make it to the clinic ? read the book instead.
  3. View  FAQ page for clinic information and location  in Liverpool NSW.
  4. View Leanne's Natural Therapies page for an overview of all services
  5. View Treatment options target an idea of how I can target treatments to suit you needs
  6.  View Natural fertility what is it, how does it work  page
  7. View Massage the types available

Nothing beats experience .View the welcome video  Free Video's  for more details


About the Psoriasis & Acne Clinic Psoriasis & Acne clinic for smoother skin naturally

All treatment products are steroid and drug free. I selectively isolate the correct immune triggers to reduce flare ups .Everything is explained to you and all information is conveniently given to you on handouts.

My aim to provide quality care for all skin conditions and help you solve your  problem skin dilemma .I know you just want it gone ,so lets get started !

I have good success with my Psoriasis treatments and my acne treatment involves the latest in natural health to provide you with drug free , effective treatment.

At the clinic I provide specialized treatment for a variety of skin conditions including  Boils, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cellulite, Open pores, Pigmentation ,Stretch marks, Acne, Tinea and fungal infections.,acne treatment & breakout . I also offer Pre and Post operative skincare

A Consultation is required before any products are given. Mail and online ordering  is available after initial consultation Please phone for details    Consultation fee are  affordably at only $75 for an hourly  intensive initial consultation  or $49 for 30 minute  subsequent consultation. (Most Dermatologist charge over $100 for 15 minute)


  1. view our Testimonials page to read what results others have had
  2. View Psoriasis page  for more details on the treatment protocol get a realist  idea of how  the treatment works  & on the costing and types of products recommended
  3. View Acne page for more details on the treatment protocol

Achieve  Smoother Skin Naturally

Health is more than a vitamin supplement away  Bob Proctor -Succeed Magazine

This site encompasses a holistic approach to health and wellbeing . Find out more about Success ,Health ,wealth and Happiness 

  1. view the Emotional Freedom Technique  page
  2. view the sound health page
  3. view the Belly Dancing page
  4. view the Blissfulbeings page
  5. view the Energy healing page
  6. view Heal thyself page
  7. view  Meditation & health page
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